Position and audience

In the third essay, I tend to focus on how Japanese’s obsession with packaging accelerates global warming and what are the potential problems of Japan’s waste disposal. If you go to a grocery store in Japan, you will find that their food is individually packaged in plastic bags. The staff always puts the packaged food in another bag and places the food packaged with two bags into the third plastic bag when you check out.

Japanese’s obsession with packaging is responsible for abundant unnecessary uses of plastic bags. According to Japan wraps everything in plastic. Now it wants to fight against plastic pollution published in Washington Post, “every person in Japan uses around 300 or 400 plastic bags a year or more than 40 billion for the entire nation.” (Denyer, 2019) Even if the local government insists that they will collect the garbage and recycle them, some people make it clear that people trust too much in the government. In fact, most plastic bags are not actually converted into a new product, instead, they are burned that caused a huge amount of carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming.

This paper is trying to convince college students in America who always use plastic products and disposable items. Since they will replace the elder generations and become the mainstream, I am curious about what they think about these unnecessary packaging and climate change.


Denyer, Simon. “Japan Wraps Everything in Plastic. Now It Wants to Fight against

Plastic Pollution.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 18 June 2019, https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/japan-wraps-everything-in-plastic-now-it-wants-to-fight-against-plastic-pollution/2019/06/18/463fa73c-7298-11e9-9331-30bc5836f48e_story.html.

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  1. I think this idea is really interesting. I never knew Japan had such a huge plastic problem. I wonder why Japan uses so much plastic to package their items. This might be an interesting topic for an AU audience such as the Zero Waste Club to learn about ways in which to reduce plastic consumption.

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