Position and audience

For essay 3, I want to talk about the sustainability of the fashion industry in the global area. We have to jump off the original framework of the fashion industry. In nowadays, the sustainable topic has appeared in more and more developing communities. Especially in China, many factories work for the fashion industry and have delivered a huge number of clothing products to the world. It is not an exaggeration that China is the fountainhead of many countries’ fashion industries and plays a vital role in industrial construction. But also, at the same time, it has created significant pollution which seems unstoppable. There are many factors that can make the situation worse. In recent years, the relationship between China and America is tense since the matter of trade. The contradiction has removed people’s attention out of the sustainable topic; instead, people have to seek other ways and put more effort into maximizing their profits. People should create diversity and embrace all different identities in each of the innovative contemporary areas. I would like to further explore the relationship between politics and the development of the fashion industry in China. I believed the importance of we have to deeply examine Chinese cloth producing to find out the better solution for fashion pollution which is happening around the world.

The primary audience I want to convey will be those organizations that focus on sustainability, also the clubs which have interests in fashion industries. I want to spread more information about the globalization of sustainability and persuade more people that it is crucial to view the problem based on a broader perception.

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  1. This is a very interesting topic that has not had a lot of media or public attention. Sustainability is a huge topic these days in many industries, but it seems that the fashion industry has not quite caught up. Because most fashion brands outsource their clothing production to companies such as China it is easy for them to ignore the environmental impacts that the production of their clothing makes on the environment. To these brands, it is simply China’s problem. However, it is important that these brands start paying attention to their carbon footprint and try to implement production policies or use materials that are more environmentally sustainable.

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