Position and Audience

My topic is the Green New Deal and the controversy surrounding it. My position is to argue that the Green New Deal is important and essential for our world to be sustainable. My intended audience is the Office of Sustainability since they lead the efforts on the sustainability on campus. My goal is to use the Green New Deal to push AU to become even more sustainable. AU is carbon neutral which is a great start, but there are is still room for improvement. In order to convince the Office of Sustainability on my position, I will use specific facts and data (LOGOS) to prove my point for supporting GND. The Office of Sustainability is a more formal group on campus led by mainly faculty and staff members. Another audience of mine could by younger liberal students on campus, such as AU Dems or other groups. Those groups are also likely to be interested in ideas related to the GND. The strategy however, will be different for these two different audiences.

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  1. I think that it’s great that you are trying to push AU to be a more sustainable campus. One thing that AU prides itself on is its green initiatives but lately, there has been little to show for that. By talking to the office of sustainability I think that it will make them more aware that we are actually watching them and we want to make sure that they are following up on their promises. I think it would be really good if you could create a dialogue between AU dems and the office of sustainability because of the impact that AU dems has on this campus.

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