position and audience

For the third assignment, I want to focus on the climate change problem of the children’s part. Through my research, I found that because people believe that the children will bring more CO2 and take more resources from the earth, DINK (Dual/ Double Income No Kids), which means they do not want to have children even the conditions permitted, become one of the most popular ways to persuade people to “show their loves for the earth”.

    While I want to argue that although population growth will give pressure on the earth, children are playing an essential role in changing positively to the climate change problem. Some people argued that people could stop population growth, eradicate poverty, and solve the climate issue by green energy. However, there will not be more experiments to continue to work without more people born to this earth, which means people cannot further solving the problem of climate change. Moreover, females will have to face more challenges than males if they become DINK. The significant issue is that DINK will reduce the chance of a healthy pregnancy time and birth. Even people believe they can go back if they change their minds, female will lose the best time to pregnancy and miss the chance to have their babies.
    In my opinion, I do not want to define the DINK is not extremely bad for people. Some people will have private problems that caused them to do not want to pregnant and have children, and become DINK is a choice for them. However, I want to target the audience who cannot decide whether to have children or not in the climate change situation. DINK is not the only way to show their love for the earth, and there are many positive impacts to have children in the climate change problem. Therefore, people cannot have moral abduction to ask all people to become DINK involuntarily, and people can have chances to choose their prefers even in climate change problems.

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