Position and audience

For my essay 3 I want to focus on how grass root power action like held march will effect the public awareness of climate change issue.In the very beginning of this semester,the video we watched about Greta Thunberg criticized EU leaders for not taking the threat posed by climate change seriously enough.That is my first time to think about the climate change issue.By the following of this semester,doing research about how public and government are reacting to this emergent issue,that make me keep curious about is there any reliable way for us to protect our environment.Like John Oliver mentioned in his episode,many politicians gave their misconception of GND and actually the GND is unrealistic to some extend.There are a lot of march held by different organizations suddenly jump up at the same time to criticized the action taken by government.Meanwhile,as the BBC news posted  the extreme action taken in UK,to awake the public awareness of climate change issue by marching in the biggest meat market in UK and come up with the idea of changing people’s diet way to vegan may be a solution to save our environment.There are some activists like Thunberg who is really brings up some realistic thoughts about the climate change issue,but some activists are doing things from the good start,somehow the speech they delivery to the public may not be a credible solution to follow.

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