Position and audience

For essay 3, I wanna focus on the little things in our daily life, about how they are polluting the environment and our new technology instead of them by some environment-friendly things. Like plastic bag, disposable tableware, packing box and battery, by individual, they don’t have such a big influence to pollute the environment, but they are the things that we need to use every day and have a huge total number, viewing it by the data statistic, we can straightly know how much influence they have to soil, sea and air. And on the other hand, people are continually creating something new to instead of them or reduce the pollution they might have to the environment, like Apple’s new package box by environment-friendly raw material and easy to degrade, tote bags to instead of plastic bags, separate trash can for battery so that people could concentrate to sending them to factory for decomposition and reuse. For the Audience, I really don’t have a target now and still trying to find a suitable group.

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