Position and audience

For my third paper, I think consumers should eliminate disposable products as much as possible, such as plastic shopping bags, disposable wooden chopsticks, plastic tableware and lunch boxes. Therefore, in this composition, my position is to resolutely resist disposable products, because this is a big problem that has troubled and caused headaches for human beings since the invention of plastics. Although these disposable products can greatly reduce the operating costs of merchants, consumers also find them convenient and clean to use. However, this has brought too many disadvantages to the earth and the environment. Firstly, the loss of forest resources caused by disposable wood products is like an exponential model, and the utilization rate of wood is extremely low. Plastic products bring environmental pollution damage is more self-evident, plastic products are basically difficult to degrade, plus people’s environmental protection awareness is not strong, basically use up and throw everywhere. It has caused serious pollution to the soil and water resources, and most countries now have only incineration and landfills to dispose of plastic waste. The people my paper tries to persuade are the staff in the school convenience store and the canteen, urging them to reduce the use of disposable products as much as possible.¬†As well as those students who often use disposable products, because the disposable spoons, forks, knives, bowls, dishes and plastic bags that I have seen in school are mostly found in shops and canteens, which are discarded after being used once, creating a lot of garbage.

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  1. I like that you are specifically talking to the workers in TDR because it is important that they push for sustainability too. The reduction of plastics is something I know AU is striving to achieve. The workers have some jurisdiction over whether or not we use real plates and if we use cardboard. But when it comes to that, it depends on whether or not the water in DC is okay to wash the plates in. I think it is important that you also factor that into your essay If you are going to talk about what materials are used in TDR>

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