Position and audience

As the second-largest economy in the world and one of the biggest developing countries in the world, China gets much attention from the world about how to react the environmental issues, especially in recent years. Currently, environmental problems are extremely serious all over the world like climate change and global warming. Even though China’s government execute some policy which is harmful to the environment but beneficial to the economic growth in the previous decades, China’s government notice the importance for solving this problem since it is related to the interest of every citizen in China and even affect how other countries enact with it due to the obvious impact of China. Fortunately, China’s government already stood out to take action with it and attained some achievements in this aspect like promoting the revolution of the energy system. The audiences I want to persuade in AU are the Students who join the Kogod sustainable Business Society, International Business Club, and students major in environmental sciences/environmental studies/environmental, peace and conflict resolution (CAS). For the student in KSC, I assume that they already had some knowledge about the global environmental problem, but they do not have a clear understanding of China’s environmental problem and how China’s government reacts it. For the IBC student, I consider that some of them may consider developing a business-relevant career in China since there is a large market due to a large number of consumers with huge spending power. Based on China’s government policy for the environmental and economic perspective, they can notice what is the business opportunity in China in the future.

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