Position and audience (Matilde)

American University’s Health and Promotion Advocacy Center provides a variety of health-based services and educational opportunities to keep the AU community safe and informed. My audience is the HPAC staff. I am specifically targeting those who are in charge of selecting which contraceptives to give out. One of the services that they provide to the AU community includes free contraceptives, including male and female condoms, lubricants, and dental dams. When it comes to condoms, there is no consensus on how long it takes for condoms to break down, and many of them contain harmful chemicals to the environment. Furthermore, the condoms provided by HPAC are individually packaged in plastic, which is incredibly harmful to the environment (GreenPeace 2014). Almost everyone has or will engage in sexual acts and it is imperative that they engage in safe sex. That being said, it is also important that our safe sex does not come at the expense of the environment. Thus, I am advocating that HPAC provide more environmentally sustainable contraceptives. 


Works Cited

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