Position and Audience

I would still like to continue talking about Environmental Racism and the impacts that it has in DC specifically. I think it is important for me to talk more about the fact that DC is a food desert. I think it is hard for us to understand that because we do go to AU and we have constant access to food but the way in which others in the city are living is not the same at all. DC is a majority-black city and the way that the residents are living is because of the lack of leverage politically but also the government is not actively affecting change. The DC water crisis is something that we have only cared about when it was something that prevented us access to clean water but people in Southeast have been exposed to this for much longer than us AU students have.

My audience would be the AUSG community service coalition because I believe that they might have the resource to affect change in the city. By educating them, they are able to spread the word to the student body on how AU students can help solve this problem or even help lessen the impact that food deserts and environmental racism have.

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