Position and audience

For my third paper, I think consumers should eliminate disposable products as much as possible, such as plastic shopping bags, disposable wooden chopsticks, plastic tableware and lunch boxes. Therefore, in this composition, my position is to resolutely resist disposable products, because this is a big problem that has troubled and caused headaches for human beings since the invention of plastics. Although these disposable products can greatly reduce the operating costs of merchants, consumers also find them convenient and clean to use. However, this has brought too many disadvantages to the earth and the environment. Firstly, the loss of forest resources caused by disposable wood products is like an exponential model, and the utilization rate of wood is extremely low. Plastic products bring environmental pollution damage is more self-evident, plastic products are basically difficult to degrade, plus people’s environmental protection awareness is not strong, basically use up and throw everywhere. It has caused serious pollution to the soil and water resources, and most countries now have only incineration and landfills to dispose of plastic waste. The people my paper tries to persuade are the staff in the school convenience store and the canteen, urging them to reduce the use of disposable products as much as possible. As well as those students who often use disposable products, because the disposable spoons, forks, knives, bowls, dishes and plastic bags that I have seen in school are mostly found in shops and canteens, which are discarded after being used once, creating a lot of garbage.


Rhetorical analysis: has brexit delayed the fight against climate change?

Has brexit made a difference in the fight against climate change? Britain has become the first major economy in the world to pass a law ending its contribution to global warming by 2050. The target would require the UK to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.The process of improving climate change has been delayed by brexit. The author USES.. The technique. Brexit has nothing to do with slowing down the fight against climate change, as this article will demonstrate through a rhetorical analysis.

Dave Keating: “brexit casts a deep shadow over the European Union”. He began with a list of the serious effects of brexit on the continent, citing the delays in signing a treaty on climate change. Dave Keating, who is the current President of the free speech institute (formerly the center for competitive politics), a former executive director of the black money group club for growth, a former member of the board of directors of the national taxpayers union, and the inventor of the super pac. writing on Forbes magazine’s official website, insisted that Britain’s decision to leave the eu had created problems and delayed progress in the fight against climate change. It all began with the failure of European countries to agree on how to tackle climate change at a meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in June. Poland refused to sign the agreement because it was considered detrimental to their national interests. Poland’s decision to reject the treaty disappointed campaigners. The failure to agree means the eu’s special UN summit on climate change in New York last month came away empty-handed. It had been hoped that the eu’s increased climate targets would prompt others to do the same. But in the end, none of the major economies made new commitments to follow through on the commitments they made at the New York summit under the Paris Agreement. European Union countries plan to achieve full decarbonization by 2050, A strong evidence is that brexit has seriously affected international relations and politics on the European continent. The crisis caused by brexit has not been effectively solved since 2016. It says eu leaders hold four summits a year in Brussels. So their next chance to approve the 2050 plan came at last week’s October summit. But as the brexit crisis continues, climate talks will have to be postponed again. The impact of brexit itself on global climate goals is unclear. The British government has pledged to adopt a carbon policy that matches the eu after the UK leaves the bloc, even though they may start to diverge on environmental standards. The bigger impact, however, is that brexit has derailed the eu’s progress on climate change and slowed negotiations on the global Paris agreement.In the article, the author pointed out that the work schedule had to be postponed due to Poland’s failure to join, but he did not make clear the logical relationship between brexit and Poland’s refusal to join, which would easily cause great confusion to readers. The author puts all the weight of public opinion on brexit, arguing that none of this would have happened without it. He also severely criticized the negative impact of brexit. For example, a diplomat from an eastern European country pointed out that brexit had made it necessary to delay the original smooth plan again and again, and the British parliament repeatedly asked for the date of signing the agreement to be postponed.On


Material for the second writing assignment



This article is a speech, the original target audience should be American government officials, ecologists and environmental scientists. Because it raises a series of questions about what the United States can do to improve climate change. The other article offers the opposite view, and its audience should be those who support reform. There are also the Suggestions and opinions of ordinary people. Since any resolution or policy is closely related to the public welfare of ordinary people, the audience of these articles must be ordinary people. But the main people are the government’s decision makers. These provide insights into America’s new energy policy, and some of the rebuttal to policymaking.

The disappearance of the south China tiger

The survival of the south China tiger

Latin name of south China tiger: Panthera Tigris Amoyensis (xiamen tiger, south China tiger). In 1981, was included in the appendix Ⅰ CITES convention protection list, also known as “China tiger”, the south China tiger head round, short ears, limbs is bulky, tail is longer, the chest more milky white, orange and covered with black horizontal stripes. Fur has both short and narrow stripes, stripe spacing than Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, side also often appear lozenge, in the subspecies of tiger body smaller. The south China tiger, which feeds on herbivorous animals such as wild boar, deer and roe deer, is one of the top ten endangered animals in China and a state-level protected animal. The red species list is critically endangered and extinct in the wild. The south China tiger is only distributed in China and is a unique subspecies of tiger.However, due to the great commercial interests and profits of the south China tiger over the past decades, the unbridled overhunting and indiscriminate killing led to the serious living conditions of the tiger. According to statistics, the wild south China tiger has completely disappeared, and only artificial breeding and zoo breeding can keep them from extinction. China has listed it as a national level 1 protected animal. Not only the south China tiger, but also countless species of wild animals in China. For example, the Tibetan antelope, human beings should reflect on their own, for money and let an animal extinction is not a wise behavior. No sale, no killing. I hope everyone will pay attention to it and not let the rate of extinction keep accelerating.

This is a link, you can get some information about the south China tiger.https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/south-china-tiger