Position and audience

For essay 3, I wanna focus on the little things in our daily life, about how they are polluting the environment and our new technology instead of them by some environment-friendly things. Like plastic bag, disposable tableware, packing box and battery, by individual, they don’t have such a big influence to pollute the environment, but they are the things that we need to use every day and have a huge total number, viewing it by the data statistic, we can straightly know how much influence they have to soil, sea and air. And on the other hand, people are continually creating something new to instead of them or reduce the pollution they might have to the environment, like Apple’s new package box by environment-friendly raw material and easy to degrade, tote bags to instead of plastic bags, separate trash can for battery so that people could concentrate to sending them to factory for decomposition and reuse. For the Audience, I really don’t have a target now and still trying to find a suitable group.

essay 2 body paragraph

One of the biggest problems by the technology developing is resource depletion. For example, petrochemical industry is one of the most important industries in the world, almost everything we could get is produced under this industry, but the origin source of this industry—oil is not a renewable source, once the oil getting into depletion, the modern social system would receive a serious damage, to avoid this happened, the scientists around the world are doing the research about the man-made petroleum. One of the oldest ways of getting man-made petroleum is the Fischer-Tropsch process in 1923, which is also one of the most useful ways to get man-made petroleum and still being used. During World War II, German scientists and technicians used this method to achieve the annual effort to supply 1 million tons of synthetic oil to Nazi Germany. In 1955, this method was introduced to South Africa, which helps South Africa’s synthetic capacity reached 6.5 million tons per year. As picking fruit cannot meet the needs of human survival, human beings have entered the agricultural society, people start to grow their own food, nowadays, as people cannot get enough source for all humanity to have a good life, making alternatives with cheap materials has also become a trend.

essay 2 resources

1. Wall, M. (2018). Planetary Resources’ Asteroid-Mining Goals Move Closer with Satellite Launch. Space. Retrieved from: https://www.space.com/39363-planetary-resources-asteroid-mining-satellite-launches.html

this is an article that described a company’s plan that sent a spacecraft to the other planetaries to mining useful resources and send them back to earth, which could be a good way to relieve some pressures about the resource supply by earth.

2. Wenz, J. (2017). A potentially habitable planet has been discovered just 11 light-years away. Astronomy. Retrieved from: http://www.astronomy.com/news/2017/11/a-potentially-habitable-planet-11-light-years-away

This is an article about a livable planet that is not far from earth, which could be one of the first choices for human Interstellar immigration after our technology get a high enough level for this aim, if we do so, the environmental protection’s staus would definitely quick draw, in other words, if we really find a planet that is livable for human, there is no necessity for human to continually lived on earth, this will subvert the old concept of environmental protection .

Electric vehicles advantage and disadvantage.

With technology developing nowadays, Electric vehicles become more and more popular, which is running by the electric instead of fuel without pollution on the road, seems like its a very clean energy that is good for the environment, but in fact, the pollution still exist and could be more than the fuel. As James Ellsmoor said in his article, “Chinese EV battery manufacturers produce up to 60% more CO2 during fabrication than ICEV engine production.” As a new technology that developed for not a long time, electric vehicles have more disadvantages than ICEV, but its not means that EV as a new technology is not a good thing, with technology in this area continually developing,  the disadvantages such like short running distance, long time charging would be fixed, and I think the biggest advantage for EV is that the pollution could be centralized management, the government could only focus on the battery factories and develop large battery processing station that would be cheaper and easier to control than lots of small stations.



Ellsmoor, J. (2019). Are Electric Vehicles Really Better For The Environment? Forbes. Retrieved from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesellsmoor/2019/05/20/are-electric-vehicles-really-better-for-the-environment/#11eb349076d2