Commonplace 2: Thousand Year Heart and The Construction of Character

“Occasionally you meet someone with a thousand-year heart.” (Brooks 174) The Road to Character

This sentence impacted me dearly, after reading it I could not stop reading it again and again. It’s true how rare is to meet someone that has a pure heart and worth having high esteem too. Having this sentence at the beginning of one of the most important paragraphs of the chapter sets perfectly the tone of what the
author is trying to describe later on. It is a relatively short sentence but full of meaning. The way the words are formulated permits the reader to focus on t
he rarity of the event. Using the world occasionally and the hyperbole “thousand-year heart” to mention how peculiar is to find this kind of person marks the importance of the event. Is amazing how well the message is delivered. The use of figurative language is crucial for effective rhetoric the same happens with short and powerful sentences.



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