Annotated Bibliography 5-6

“An Interview with Gordon Cosby: Co-Founder of the Church of the Saviour.” Family and Community Ministries, vol. 21, no. 2, Sept. 2007, pp. 32-35. EBSCOhost,

In “An Interview With Gordon Cosby,” a group of Baylor social workers and seminary students interview Gordon Cosby. Cosby was the Co- founder of The Church of the Saviour, the institution that founded and runs Potter’s House Cafe. In an spiritual dialogue Cosby talks about the understanding he has about Christianity, poverty, cultural injustice, among other matters. All of this dialogue is centered towards Washington DC. For example, he says “Today, we are an educated nation, but our city is tragic.” (33) In this passage, Cosby mentions how the situation of the city is terrible, taking into account how the United States is an educated system. Some of the causes are the terrible education in public schools and social inequality. For Cosby, Washington DC should be a city filled with love, that responds to the necessities of all its people not only the elites.

Reverend Gordon N. Cosby is the main figure of my research, thanks to his passion and community service he positively impacted Washington DC. Getting a primary source for my research grants credibility and depth. This interview will enter nicely to the conversation because it will contribute with first hand information. Also, it is important to analyze the rhetoric he uses in his responses to corroborate the narrative of historic documents.

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