Annotated Bib 9-10

Phil Casey “Potter’s House is Still a Home for Everyone.” The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973), Mar 07, 1971, pp. 2, ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post,


In “Potter’s House is Still a Home for Everyone,” Phil Casey claims that Potter’s House stands true to the principals it was created. More specifically, he tells the story of when the coffee house was created and how it continues that legacy eleven years later. The first couple of paragraphs talk about Reverend N. Gordon Cosby creating the coffeehouse and how a visit to a New England tavern took them to open such a place instead of a traditional church. Consequently, the coffee house began a trend that spread throughout the entire country.  Throughout the piece it is mention that one of the goals of the coffee shop was to “rebuild the city”. At that particular time Washington DC was a deeply fractured city and there were few multicultural commonplaces. At Potter’s House they received “wide range of subjects, political, social, economic, cultural and religious.” In other words, everyone was welcomed there. It was not common that in the beginning of 1970s there was a business that took pride of social mixing. That’s what makes Potter’s House such an iconic landmark for Adams Morgan, Washington DC and the whole country.

This is one of the best sources I have found for this project. It contains many key quotes that will be helpful to implement when in conversation with other sources. For example, “Christ would have been more at home in the coffee house”. This quotes ties together the two main places of my commonplace, the coffee house and the Church of the Savior. This type of quotes can incorporate the two branches of my research. Potter’s House as a commonplace that brought a huge cultural impact to Adams Morgan and the Church of the Savior efforts to innovate in religious spaces. Also, this piece is highly adaptive for prospective sources, it permits me to have a great array of fields that connect with it.


Sandra Evans Washington Post,Staff Writer. “Congregation Marks Rare Reunion.”The Washington Post (1974-Current file), Oct 26, 1987, pp. 2, ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post,


In “Congregation Marks Rare Reunion,”  Sandra Evans explains how the ecumetical Church of Savior celebrates 40 years of its founding. She continues to chronologically tell the different social projects the church has done at Adams Morgan since it arrived to Washington DC. It begins with the “acclaimed” Jubilee Housing that with the help of James Rouse a famous real estate developer began renovating apartment buildings and keeping them low income properties. Following that, it mentions another separate branch of the church, Potter’s House cafe. The last two projects that were marching at that particular time frame where the Columbia Road Health Services Clinic and Jubilee Jobs. Mary Cosby the wife of Reverend Cosby noted that “When you get people housing, you realize they have no jobs; so you get them jobs, and then realize they have no health care”. In other words, Cosby realized how is not sufficient to only provide housing for a person to be totally well off, people need jobs and healthcare too. At that time the church was looking to expand its samaritan activities to wider fronts. This included sheltering refugees from Central America, sending volunteers to Calcutta to work with Mother Theresa and creating Samaritan Inns to house homeless. The Church of the Savior has contributed to building a more equal society with the hands of few but passionate volunteers.

Potter’s House will not exist if it wasn’t for the caritative work of the Church of The Saviour. It is important to know the work this institution made and the impact it had on both the Washington DC and the world community. This source will enter the conversation perfectly complementing the information of enumenical churches and the work they have done in Adams Morgan. Is necessary for the correct mapping of Potter’s House commonplace to incorporate the philanthropic work of the church that runs the establishment. Also, all the  

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