Commonplace 10

The first wedding that I’ve been in my twenties
Thinkin’ maybe someone is not somethin’ to own
Maybe the government got nothin’ to do with it

Biking Frank Ocean Ft. Tyler, The Creator & Jay Z

This song has one of the smoothest melodies I have heard so far in 2017. This highly contrasts what you expect of a song with Jay Z in it. I choose this fragment of the song because it references a highly  controversial issue, government dealing with civil liberties. One of the greatest achievements of the constitution is the continuous respect of civil liberties. Nevertheless, marriage has been presented with countless barriers through out history. This song was released a the same time when the government has issued some controversial comments over same sex marriage and the ultra conservative marriage traditions VP Mike Pence has with his wife  bombarded the media. Is important for a democracy that the rhetoric behind art is used to critique the government. That makes a true democracy.

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