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Hi. My name is Ajayi Pickering-Haynes and I am a senior pre-medical student at American University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology and certificate in Leadership and Ethical Development in the College of Arts and Sciences. My interests and skillset include STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) related fields including public health intervention programming and death investigation, 3D creative design, and creative and science writing. These skills have been harnessed during my experiences as an intern and student researcher at the D.C. Chief Medical Examiner office, a managing assistant in American University Library Makerspace, and as an avid science writer in my coursework and on my own writing blog column called “Finding Your Voice”. Before matriculation into medical school, I am currently seeking out opportunities that will allow me to use these talents to serve as a reliable asset, adaptable team player, and ethical leader in the professional setting.

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