Personal Statement

  In 2007, a Virgin Islands Daily News headline reads that “the body of a missing 12-year-old girl was found in an abandoned home of a popular community on St. Thomas.” I remember reading that the girl was an honor roll student-athlete. I’m not sure if the incident had affected me so deeply because I shared the same age as the decedent, but from that moment I became curious about death investigation and a search for the truth.

   My naive curiosity about death investigation later developed into a desire and daily motivation to serve the people of the Virgin Islands and to provide them with the justice and service they so rightly deserve. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. I grew up as an avid writer, inquisitor of the biological sciences, and a creative through various mediums. After shadowing a pathologist in high school, my passion and inquisitive nature for the art of medicine grew and it became evident that this service-oriented field is an opportunity for me to use my gifts, to advocate for and heal others by finding the truth. 

    My “Finding Your Voice” blog has served as an outlet for me to share and analyze the collective stories and experiences of my peers and of my very own to learn, to grow, and to heal. Writing about these experiences has added to my collective understanding of truth in medicine, and how much like writing, medicine is meant to heal and discover truth. As a writer, I’ve remained grounded and level-headed through adversity by writing about my truth and sharing with others how I had overcome it. 

    With that being said, my relentless passion is to investigate, determine, and write truth, and with that truth to advocate and to heal.


Exploring the social histories of decomposition cases in 2016

Ajayi Pickering-Haynes presents statistical case study research on Exploring the social histories of decomposition cases in 2016 at the Rafferty Matthias Student Research Conference on March 24, 2017.

Educate, Empower, Elevate: Addressing the Status of Malnutrition in Sierra Leone through Women’s Empowerment

Winning team of American University’s 2018 Intramural Public Health Case Competition.

3D Design

Using a Ultimaker 3D printing machine and a simplify 3D computer software, I 3D printed this elephant coat hanger from a pre-created template on Thingiverse.
An elephant coat hanger in the American University Library Makerspace.
Ajayi Pickering-Haynes created an original luggage tag design for patrons made with an online Easel Inventables software and carved on a Carvey machine.
Ajayi Pickering-Haynes created an original “Welcome to the Makerspace” sign design on Easel Inventables and carved on a Carvey machine.