Professor Taylor Meeting 2/14/17

Professor Taylor and I met on February 14, 2017 at 5:45-6 P.M. and we discussed designing an interview as the next step of my methods.  Though I have a sample group that I will interview people from, consisting of She’s the First campus leaders from across the country (and possibly the globe), I want to make sure that I design an effective interview.  We discussed the importance of keeping questions as broad as possible.  I will collect demographic information, educational background, and how college students make sense of the mission of She’s the First.  I will probe for information regarding empowerment when interviewees provide useful terms like “empowerment” by asking them to expand.  Feeding words back to interviewees will help me focus the discussion without skewing the questions toward specific answers.  In addition to designing a practice interview which I can try on friends from AU’s She’s the First chapter, I will revisit the IRB certification so that I can get proper approval for my interviews.  Next week we hope to continue to clarify my methods.  I also want to continue reading articles for revisions to my literature review and start to revise my intro based on feedback.

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