Professor Field and Professor Taylor Meetings 2/28/17

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 I met with both Professor Field and Professor Taylor separately to discuss the methodology for my project.  Professor Field listened to my concerns about my project and helped me to formulate my research question as “how does She’s the First construct empowerment and to what extent is that understanding shared with participants?”  My project is twofold. 1) I want to understand how “empowerment” is constructed which I suspect is as an incontestable good.  2) I want to understand if members of She’s the First take up this concept and understand it differently.  Coming to this realization helped me to solidify my methods as well.  To expand beyond my research design sketch from last semester I decided to examine videos made by the She’s the First organization but also to conduct interviews with college members.  I will use discourse analysis to analyze both data sets.

I shared the reformulation of my question with Professor Taylor and we discussed the type of discourse analysis that I will conduct.  She recommend critical discourse analysis.

My most pressing challenge is getting IRB approval since the interview section of my project is a newer development.  Further I need to solidify my interview questions and approach, though I already have an outline.

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