Professor Field and Professor Boesenecker Meetings 3/7/17

On Tuesday, March 7 I met with both Professor Field and Professor Boesenecker during their office hours.  Professor Boesenecker and I discussed my methodology and how I might go about analyzing my data.  He reviewed the strategies that he covered in the discourse analysis methods workshop.  Specifically he helped me to start to think about the key concepts I will look for in my texts.  These might emerge from my literature review or my own knowledge of empowerment.  We also discussed intertextuality and how my data from She’s the First’s videos creates shared meaning with the interview material.  The organization’s videos do not make sense without knowledge of a program and the members’ meaning makes little sense without the context of educational development elsewhere.  I will probably look back to examples from Aradau and Schwartz-Shea & Yanow.

Professor Field and I touched base on my IRB exemption approval.  In the meantime I will work on editing my other sections and analyzing the video texts that I have already collected.  Starting with this analysis will help me to form my questions for interviews.  Since I will be basing some questions off of constructions of empowerment in the videos, my interviews will create a more engaging conversation between the two discourses.

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