The Seminar and my Internship = the Perfect Combination

It’s been about six weeks since we’ve arrived on campus, and finally all of us Gap students are settled into our working and class schedules. It was quite the transition from being a high school senior taking eight classes, to preparing for an internship fair and going on site visits […]

An exciting few weeks, but still so much ahead of us!

We are almost a month into the American University Gap Program with still so much ahead of us! In the meantime, we’ve explored Arlington National Cemetery, uncovered some of America’s most historical documents at the National Archives, and cruised along the Anacostia River while hearing about the current environmental issues […]

American University Gap Program Kicks Off a New School Year!

It’s a new semester and the American University Gap Program is excited to have our fall students on campus. This fall, 14 students are joining us from nine states and DC to immerse themselves in an academic seminar and internship. After a two-day orientation last week, students kicked off the […]

Fall 2017 Internship Fair

The City Where It All Happens

In the closing weeks of my time here in D.C. I’ve come to really appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to experience the city where so much happens. My internship with Lobbyit, a small lobbying firm located near the Congressional office buildings, has taught me valuable skills about working in an […]

Only 2 weeks left…where has the semester gone?

The semester has flown by and our AU Gap students are busy finishing up the semester. So what have the students been up to the last few weeks? In their seminar class, they have explored the role of the media in Foreign Policy including a speaker at the National Press Club […]

The Semester is Almost Half Over

As this semester’s halfway mark approaches, it is really starting to dawn on me what a unique experience this has been. I have spent most of my weekdays interning at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a non-partisan think tank that focuses on the Middle East and military affairs. So […]

Have Only Scratched the Surface So Far

At this point I have been in DC for about six weeks and I am starting to settle in. My internship has been incredible so far. I am working as a sports intern with The Washington Times. So far I have covered college basketball as well as the Washington Wizards. […]

What will they do in their internship?

More often than not, prospective students and parents ask the question, “what does an intern do in the AU Gap Program?” Students join the Gap Program normally straight out of high school. They may have had some part-time work or leadership experience, but rarely have had an internship before. This […]

First Days in DC and on the Job

As a newcomer to the AU Gap Program this spring, I was a little unclear on what to expect. Sure, I had read all the materials provided and looked at what past students had to say about their experience, but nothing I read could have foreshadowed the excitement that was […]