We’re going where?!

Freshmen Service Experience…. It was an experience alright. I actually don’t remember which program I signed up for for FSE. All I can confirm is that I dropped $60.00 to do backbreaking work for two days. Memorable? Definitely, and if I didn’t have to pay for it I’d probably do it again. Anyway, so I was placed in the program for the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture. It’s a cool name. I honestly thought it was a food bank of some sort where they used sustainable food in their food. I was wrong. Turns out we were going to a farm. In Alexandria. We had to take a van there.

The first day probably could not have gone any worse than it did. A few people in our group were late, so we left campus late. Our van was misplaced (it was supposed to be in Katzen but it turned out to be by Hamilton.) We couldn’t even find where this Arcadia place was. We ended up over an hour late to our destination.

So we’re at the farm, wearing jeans in 90 degree weather (SOMEONE told us to wear long pants.) It was hot, it got really dirty, and my arms died within thirty minutes from the hard labor we had to do.

A lot of shovel digging, a lot of hoe hoeing over two days really gets to you.

Despite these hardships, however, I met some really awesome people and learned about a really awesome non-profit organization. The Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture is dedicated to local, sustainably grown food. They grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and not only inform individuals about the importance of sustainable growth, but also spread these products around the DC area.


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