How my values make me…me.

Opportunity. Pleasure. Belonging. Friendship. Competence. While there were many values on those cards that I believe to be important to me, those listed stand out to me as the pinnacle of what I find that drives me. After discussing with my fellow Honors students about my values and the limitations that they put on my skills, I have come to a conclusion. In order for me to properly work with others to solve a problem, I need to be comfortable. In other words, I need to be confident in not only my own ability, competence, but also in my group members, hence friendship and belonging. If those values are met, I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunities and many times for excitement.

I believe these five values to be an extremely important part of myself and the way I operate on a day to day basis. If one value were to take a back seat, it would be belonging. I am capable of working in an uncomfortable environment, yet I believe that being comfortable with those around you can bring new perspectives that would otherwise be ignored. Else, my other four values are nonnegotiable. I do not think that I would be in a better place by relegating opportunity, pleasure, friendship, and competence into a back seat. That wouldn’t be me.