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Archive: Marion Barry Arrested . C-Span, 23 Nov. 2014,

This video is the footage captured by the FBI before they made the arrest. It is evidence of Barry smoking crack in the hotel room with the other woman. It is clear the two are engaging in illegal activity. Once the police forces move in and arrest them both you hear them instructing the mayor and women to settle down. They also read the two their rights. In the background you can hear Barry expressing remorse. I will use this piece to analyze Barry’s actions and the effects they had on the city. It is clearly presented that he is smoking crack which was an epidemic at the time in DC.

Goldchain, Michelle. “New D.C. Bill Plans to ‘Put the Brakes’ on Annual Rent Increases for 80K Units.” Curbed DC, 23 Sept. 2016,

This article was published about the Rental Housing Affordability Stabilization Amendment Act of 2016. It is an act to put in place to regulate rent control. This is used as an exhibit for my argument about the gentrification of my area and how D.C. has become too costly for some families. This is a measure taken to ensure people can stay in their homes without have the price of rent increase astronomically.

Iweala, Uzodinma. “The Gentrification of Washington DC: How My City Changed Its Colours” Resilient Cities, Guardian News and Media, 12 Sept. 2016,

This is the personal testimony of somebody that was born and raised in D.C. He recounts his memories of what the city used to look like and says that he does not recognize it now that it has experienced so much change. He lives in the UK now and says that his home city is not what it used to be. He accredits this to the boom in gentrification over the last ten years and cannot believe it’s transformation. This is used as an argument as he and i are trying to convey the same ideas about the changes that took place in the city over the last 30 years.

LaFraniere, Sharon. “Barry Arrested on Cocaine Chargers in Undercover FBI, Police Operation.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 19 Jan. 1990,

On January 18, 1990 Mayor Marion Barry was arrested at the Vista International Hotel. Several weeks prior to his arrest, the FBI and police department had began an undercover investigation into the mayor. Barry was found high on crack cocaine with a “female friend.” Once  city officials and friends arrived the following day at the Reeves Municipal Center press was instructed to “stay behind.” It was clear that they did not have the situation under control at this point and did not want any reporters writing stories before they had an official statement made to release to the press. Clearly angered and shocked by the incident, Effi Barry did not go  to see her husband at the FBI headquarters where he was being held. Barry had plans to announce his fourth run for mayor the following Sunday, however this incident opened up the opportunity for Jesse L. Jackson to do so. Aside from the fact that this was a major scandal at the time, it was heightened due to the drug issues the city was facing. Crack cocaine had corrupted the city and now the mayor, who should have been remedying the problem, was contributing to its source. This article is going to be used as a background source. I will have it set up context and a bit of history about the hotel. It provides the details of the mayor’s arrest at the time and the initial response of the city officials. We later find out that the arrest does not stick, however this hotel was a key location in the city’s history as well as the book.

“Low-Income Residents More Likely to Leave D.C.” Governing Magazine: State and Local Government News for America’s Leaders, E.Republic,

This article discussed the trend of low-income residents leaving D.C. There were many different motivations addressed and how gentrification was not the only one. It is important to note that one major cause could have been people getting married and having children. There were also solutions on how the city could help prevent this from continuing to occur such as improved education systems. I will use this as an argument to help highlight the effects of gentrification on the area I am analyzing. This will help prove that gentrification has transformed the demographic of the neighborhood.


Martin, Caitlin. “Highlights from The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center’s Multi-Million Dollar Renovation.” Johnny Jet, 25 Feb. 2015,

This text talked about what was renovated in the hotel and why it needed to be done. When reading it you can tell there were serious changes made and this greatly impacted both the interior and exterior of the building. This is mainly an exhibit as I can analyze the need for the renovation and how it had much larger impacts on the area around the hotel.


NeibauerWashi, Michael. “Japanese REIT on Buying Spree, Closes on Fifth D.C. Sale in Eight Months.” Pardon Our Interruption, Washington Business Journal, 13 Oct. 2016,

This is an article about a $228 million dollar real estate purchase by a Japanese buyer. The building is located one block over from the Westin and it adds to the luxurious feel of the area. With a price that high it is incredibly expensive to live in the building. The article said that D.C. is being heavily invested in by real estate experts. This is an exhibit as it adds to my ideas about gentrification. I used it in my final analysis of the area.


“The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center.” U.S. News.

This source had mainly reviews and feedback about the hotel. It listed its amenities and key features. This helped me see the changes made and how customers reacted. It also gave me an understanding of the general feelings associated with the customers. Typically reviews were positive however there were some critical ones. I mainly used this as background to help establish my overall knowledge on the hotel.


“Washington, D.C., Gentrification Maps and Data.” Governing Magazine: State and Local Government News for America’s Leaders, E.Republic,

This article had information from the 2000 and 2010 census. It also has information published on the overall trends of the city. It featured maps of the different areas and classified them as gentrified or not. The average income, education level and house price of the residents is given on the maps as well. This gives a basic guide to the status of the city. I used this as an exhibit to further my point about the gentrification in the area. I was able to analyze the trends and changes in my neighborhood based of the maps provided. I was able to take pictures and information from this source for my description.


“Washington, D.C. Hotel | The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center.” The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center | Official Website | Best Rates, Guaranteed.,

This is the website of the hotel. It was the foundation for my digital doc and was used as both background and exhibit. I was able to draw conclusions about their rhetorical situation based on what they publish and display on their site.

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