About Me

I am Berkem Dikengil, and I am a freshman at American University. Currently, I am in College of Arts and Sciences and my intended major is Pre-Medicine Neuroscience. I am also in SPA Leadership Program, and I am a part of “Economic Inequality” group. We are working on ‘homelessness’ in DC area right now.

I have graduated from Near East High School on June 2019. I have been involved in many community service activities as well as many social activities. I was awarded “Best Youth Basketball Player” in two consecutive years. I have interned at Near East Hospital in the summer of my junior year. Also, I have been selected as the school captain in my senior year.

I was born and raised in Cyprus. My main goal has always been to study in the USA one day. During my senior year, I have received “Paraskavaides Foundation Scholarship” from American University, and without having second thoughts I accepted it. I have always involved in science subjects in my high school years and in my junior year, I decided that I want to continue my life working on health and conducting researches. I ended up choosing “Neuroscience” and I hope to become a successful neuroscientist at American University. In addition, I have always tried to balance my social life, athletic life and academics equally, and my aim here , is to become a well-rounded and a multi-tasking individual.I hope I will achieve all my goals at American University.