AU Off Campus Activity

Throughout the past month at AU, I have had several new experiences that I never thought I would do. Between welcome week activities, started classes and meeting new friends, I feel as if I have experienced a whole year within those 30 days. One of my favorite off-campus experiences so far though has to be my welcome week program, Media by Metro. Although it happened in my first week at AU, what I experienced in those two days were like no other.

During the Media by Metro, we crammed in visiting five different media outlets in two days. We visited Discovery Communications, National Geographic, the Washington Post, NBC 4 and Porter Novelli. If I had to choose, my favorite place of those five would be a tie between Discovery Communications and NBC 4. When we visited Discovery, we had the chance to see a behind the scenes look of almost every step of the editing process a TV show/commercial/movie goes through. We were able to see how music is added to a commercial, how a commercial is made as a whole, and even how a regular camera shot is turned into a 3D shot. This was so cool to me. Although I don’t want to go into the production side of media, I still think it’s fascinating to see first-hand how the programs are being made.

Because I want to be a journalist, NBC4 was my favorite for obvious reasons. We got to see how the broadcasts were set up and because we came at the right time, we got to be in the studio when a live news broadcast was going on. After a commercial break, we went into the control room to see how the programming worked. What was fascinating though, was seeing how the producers reacted to breaking news and how they managed to fit it into the broadcast at the drop of the hat.

Overall, the two-day experience was something that I would never have had if I stayed back in my hometown. Being able to see each media outlet up close and personal and to have the opportunity to talk to these professionals about the industry was amazing,

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