Problem Solving within HNRS 200

During this class, there were several moments where I felt I had to problem solve as I was not as familiar with climate change and especially the science behind why the global climate was changing at such a rapid rate.

Although the science part of the course was difficult, the one assignment that I felt I needed to use my problem solving skills was the mock negotiations. Unlike many of my peers, I have never participated in situations such as a debate or a mock trial, so I had no idea how to approach taking someone else’s views on a topic and arguing them as my own. For the mock negotiation, I was representing Canada. Although I am Canadian, I have very different views than the government when it comes to climate change. I felt when I was doing my work, my views kept overpowering the views of the country and it began to be me arguing my views instead of those of the country I was representing.

Even though it was hard, I had to employ the problem solving skills learning throughout my lifetime to try and separate my personal views from this assignment. To do this, I had to further my research by watching videos of Canada at the real climate negotiations as well as looking into various articles and websites that specifically states what Canada was interested in achieving in these negotiations. Basically, I had to research more to get out of the mind frame of being Canadian and instead just being Canada.

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