Commonplace 3

She said, compromise where you can.
But where you can’t, don’t.
Even if everyone is telling you
that something wrong is something right.
Even if the whole world
is telling you to move…
it is your duty to plant
yourself like a tree…
look them in the eye and say
“No, you move.”

-Captain America: Civil War

I recently watched this movie and I found this part of the script very applicable to life. While this is a superhero movie, any regular person can use this advice. In this situation, Peggy’s nephew is speaking at her funeral and Captain America sees this as good advice because of the current mission he’s in. This is a really powerful scene in the movie, with the movie, because of both the acting and the way the script was written. The pauses and the intensity of the speech impact the feelings of the viewer, bringing a sense of realism and connection to the plot.


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