Annotated Bibliography 5&6

“Mary’s Center Named Washington’s Most Innovative PR & Marketing Team 2016.” Mary’s Center Named Washington’s Most Innovative PR & Marketing Team 2016. PR Urgent, 6 Jan. 2017. Web. 19 Feb. 2017.

In PR Urgent’s press release about Mary’s Center, the author commended the marketing and public relations team of Mary’s Center. The original press release was part of the Corporate America News Magazine, and the main focus was to emphasize the effectiveness of Mary’s Center use of social media and how through their marketing team they have managed to keep a positive financial balance and work towards improving the NGO.

This article is extremely relevant to my research because Mary’s Center has a huge influence and recognition in the Adams Morgan community due to their credibility and the amount of time they’ve been there. They know a lot about the community and the history of the neighborhood and can be a key resource when analyzing my site.


“Bolling v. Sharpe (District of Columbia).” The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. The Leadership Conference, n.d. Web. 19 Feb. 2017.

In the article published by The Leadership Conference, the main idea about it was to describe the Bolling v. Sharpe court case. This court case has to do with the history of Adams Morgan. In 1949 a group of African American students tried to enroll in a school that was strictly for white students and were denied. The neighborhood already had segregated schools, and this would just be one of many others. The NAACP decided to sue the school and because of the equal protection clause, they won the case.

Adams Morgan is named after two schools, one white and one black. Segregation and inequality were a big part of the neighborhood’s history and I believe that it influenced what it looks like today. It is something I believe is worth exploring more and it will help me further specialize about my location.

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