Google Maps View of the Community House Church

This image shows the aerial view of what surrounds the Community House Church. While at first glance this image doesn’t seem to reveal much, after analyzing it there’s a lot of conclusions that can be made about the surroundings of the church. The first one that came to my mind was the type of construction that surrounds it. All the buildings are fairly old, probably around 15+ years of age. Also, none of the buildings are more than 5 stories high. This is very interesting because Adams Morgan is a very popular neighborhood, so I imagined there would be a high demand for commercial and residential units, therefore incentivizing companies to build vertically. I thought that maybe this had to do with some neighborhood regulation, but after investigating documents and community standards I realized that there weren’t any restrictions. It was the style of the neighborhood, and even though years passed it had remained loyal to what it has always been.

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