Commonplace 8

The quote I encountered this week wasn’t said by someone famous. It has no impact in society, nor does it provide any philosophical reflection. What it does, however, is provide insight on the cultural difference between America and Bosnia. Yes, Bosnia. This past week I was playing FIFA Ultimate Team online with my friends, and we came across this man from Croatia, and we chatted through the headset during the game. While the conversation started being very superficial, he eventually started talking about his country. With a very limited and broken

With a very limited and broken English, he said, “Here even playing online is hard. It is something so simple, but even the internet here is bad.”

My friends and I went silent. While this quote is short, it says a lot about his conditions. While he doesn’t say what is bad about his country, he leaves us to imagine what goes on there since even their internet is bad. Something we take for granted, and that when it isn’t working properly we see it as the end of the world. We take so much for granted because we’ve had it as far as we can remember. The way our new friend described his country makes us infer that there’s a lot of things that don’t work there and that he’s aware that America has better conditions. He offers us a comparison and a reflection at the same time, all in one sentence by briefly comparing the “laggyness” of the game to his country’s situation.

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