Annotated Bibliography 3 & 4 Adams Morgan Description

The article found at, about the neighborhood of Adams Morgan, provides insight on many aspects of the day-to-day life of the community. There is a very thorough description of the community and the shops around it, more specifically the restaurants. It is very interesting to take into consideration the history of the neighborhood and compare it to how diverse the cuisine is. The article exemplifies this by stating that just a few steps can take you from French to Brazilian cuisine.

This article goes along with my research because it exemplifies the diversity present in the neighborhood. it correlates to my site, the Community House Church, since it is a non-traditional and very diverse church. It is interesting to see how the diversity in Adams Morgan is present in all spheres, and this article helps support this claim.

Adams Morgan Development Rundown

In Nena Perry-Brown’s article, Adams Morgan Development Rundown, the central topic discussed is the redevelopment and urban planning of Adams Morgan.┬áThe article’s purpose is to inform the reader about any changes in locations of stores, new stores in the neighborhoods or new constructions in the area. She further develops her article by going into detail about what that means to the neighborhood in regards to construction, relocation, etc.

This relates to my main research because it exemplifies that Adams Morgan in constantly evolving due to the diverse community. Over the past couple of decades Adams Morgan has evolved into one of the richest neighborhoods in DC, and a lot of that is due to the high diversity. This article helps me better portray the changes occurring in Adams Morgan, which will then back my original claim that the diversity present there is present in all the spheres of the community.

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