Office Hours with Professor Hoskins

Day 1: In our 15-minute meeting Professor Hoskins and I discussed the grade I got in my first submission of my Essay 1. I thought this was really helpful because it made me actually understand what he thought I had to improve. It was like seeing it from his shoes, and it really helped me when I did my rewrite.

Day 2: I went over some of my rewrites and we discussed how to better write an RA and AB. It really helped me when doing my rewrites and even outside of class. I had to annotate a couple of sources for another project and what we discussed really helped me get a good grade. Ended up getting an A thanks to Professor Hoskins.

Day 3: This was a short meeting. We mainly discussed a couple of corrections I had done to my Archives and some reformatting I needed to do to a couple of my assignments.

Day 4: Discussed mainly rewrites. It was good to sit down and look over a couple of things I had redone, and things I still needed to do since even my rewrites weren’t perfect. It helped me make my future rewrites better.

Day 5: This meeting was short and I mainly just told Professor Hoskins about things I had resubmitted or assignments that were late.

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