Commonplace 14

Aside from being a student, I’m also a part-time¬†soccer coach. I coach recreational soccer to children from ages 4-12 that study at catholic schools or are affiliated with one of the churches we serve. Before taking this class, I had never really noticed the commonplace and the social patterns present in the communities I interact with daily. For the rest of the commonplace, I will expand on some of my findings, and explain how I believe these trends have to do with the social norms of the different topoi.

I coach a class at a catholic school in Virginia, a couple of miles away from AU. It is in a very affluent neighborhood, where many diplomats, government workers and DC commuters in general live. Interestingly, in most of my practices very few parents are there to watch, and those that are there usually are not paying attention to their children playing. This is completely different in another school I coach at, in a less affluent neighborhood. Parents are more engaged, saying things to their children from the sidelines and taking pictures of the games. While there is no right answer as to why this happens, I have formulated one that is at least plausible. The less money the parents make, the more likely they are to engage in the activity their children is participating in. Why? Simply because they want to see if they’re getting their money’s worth, since the less they have the more conscious they have to be about their spendings. This is only one explanation, but there may be thousands that can explain this one singular trend I have observed.

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