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Last Monday I watched two very different presentations, both of which taught me so many things about areas in DC. The cool thing about it was the fact that we all approached the project differently, but still had amazing content to display. My favorite presentation was the one that incorporated Economics concepts to the project, explaining the entire concept of gentrification and how it relates to misconceptions and white privilege. I thought it was so insightful to be able to piece all that together and present whoever is viewing her project with the full picture. When analyzing all of the projects as a whole, it is cool to see how they all overlap in a few themes, such as gentrification. All the presentations I watched, and my own presentation, discussed extensively the gentrification of DC and how the city is always being further developed. This ties into one of the concepts presented by David Fleming in his City of Rhetoricwhere he talks about how cities are constantly being changed by humans in order to help them achieve success.

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