Making Accommodations For the Benefit of the Country

In “Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating’” by Emily Bazelon, she emphasizes how individuals have been accommodating for each other for years, and how crucial it is for people to adapt now for the LGBTQ+ community. Bazelon begins the article by pointing out how restrooms are meant to be public spaces for every individual. Bathrooms are suppose to be available for everyone, and they’re a location where people could potentially be in a vulnerable position. However, individuals in society are beginning to feel unsafe or unwelcome in these public spaces. For the future, it is imperative that all types of people join together to welcome each other in as many locations as possible. As history as shown, this country is stronger together rather than apart.

In order for all groups to better understand each other, individuals will need to adapt and make an effort to understand how the LGBTQ+ community feels in their current bathroom situation. As Bazelon states, accommodate is “a word that involves moving over to make room for other people, whether you want to or not” (Bazelon). In other words, she explains that the LGBTQ+ community will continue to be here no matter what. Regardless of whether or not they are given their own bathrooms, or are allowed to use one of their choosing, they will not stop existing or pushing for their rights. It is not wise for people to expect them to disappear, and surrender what they believe is a basic right. In contrast, Bazelon also defines accommodate as “allow[ing] the possibility for a mutual give and take” (Bazelon). Furthermore, those against gender-neutral bathrooms, and LGBTQ+ people can work together to understand each other’s perspectives and make genuine progress. On one side, individuals may argue that the LGBTQ+ community has been adapting and facing discrimination for years. However, the other side would counter that the transgender community “has burst into consciousness quickly” (Bazelon) and could be viewed as challenging to understand. Both groups of individuals are very passionate about their opinions and views, and unless people start accommodating for new ideas, there will be no change.

Bathrooms and other public locations need to broaden their thinking and amend their spaces to be welcoming and neutral for all genders and people, no matter what they may identify as. If contractors and businesses established their spaces with the concept in mind that any human-being should feel welcome and safe in their location, than there would not be no conflict. As the author states in the final sentence, “The ache lies in the word belong – another basic human need we all share” (Bazelon). Every individual desires the feeling of belonging; nobody wants to be left out. In the world we are currently living in, transgenders and other members of the LGBTQ+ community are struggling enough as it is to feel safe in their own skin and country. The very least that the government, businesses, and citizens can do is accommodate their own needs to support and provide the LGBTQ+ with gender-neutral bathrooms. The United States will be stronger as a whole once this conflict is eliminated within the nation and their people.

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