Commonplace Book #8: Trump’s Rhetoric

Washington Post article: President-Elect Trump on climate change — “Look, I’m somebody that gets it, and nobody really knows. It’s not something that’s so hard and fast. I do know this: Other countries are eating our lunch.”

Throughout the entire election, we have seen the way Trump talks and the language he uses in his speeches and to the press. He uses very simple words and does not get very specific in anything he talks about. In this case, his words are so simple that if I did not know he was talking about climate change, I would have no idea what he is talking about. In the end of this phrase, he brings it back to other countries “eating our lunch” or hurting us in the business world. Trump uses these simple words to appeal to his voters. He wants most people to understand him, so he does not talk about complex subjects in specific detail. Additionally, most of his supporters want to “Make America Great Again” and go back to the way things were. Therefore, he brings it back to what his supporters care about, beating other countries. This phrase is a perfect example of Trump’s rhetoric and phrasing and how he purposely caters to his supporters and what they understand and want to hear.


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  1. I completely agree with your commonplace thoughts, the language Trump uses is immature and irrational, and you convey your thoughts well here! While I also agree that Trump appeals to his voters through his ignorant words, I think that Trump will go on and on about subjects that he is able to talk about, yet without a solid background in politics, he isn’t able to speak properly on topics that he hasn’t been previously briefed in. To add my own thoughts to your commonplace, I just think Trump isn’t knowledgeable enough to even know the proper terms in politics. Good commonplace though, it made me think.

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