Commonplace Book #10: Millennials and Hope

The New Yorker article about the youngest elected official in NYC, Ritchie Torres: “Torres spoke about the challenges he had confronted growing up, and closed with a message for his fellow-millennials: ‘Even in our moment of greatest darkness, there is light. And there is hope. And there is hope not only for our own lives, but we should be hopeful about our ability to change the world.’”

Overall, this article about Ritchie Torres was extremely interesting. His background is inspiring, and his positive outlook on life is an attitude we all need to hear about at this time in history. As the country continues to divide, this quote helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although millennials may not be completely in-sync with the rest of the country, I do feel as if we are unified together. When I talk to my mom, she tells my brothers and I, who are also millennials, that when she sees millennials on social media she feels her own sense of hope. We are all motivated to “change the world” as Torres says and see the world the way we dream it to be. This quote specifically stuck with me when I read the article because of how relatable it is. Although it sometimes feels like millennials are stuck with a negative stigma of not caring and laziness, I believe that notion is false, and Torres agrees.

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