Professional Development

Executive/Administration Intern for EMILY’s List 

Intern for U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal

This summer, I am an intern for Connecticut US Senator Richard Blumenthal. Every day, I am responsible for taking constituent calls and collaborating with the staff assistant with office tasks to ensure the office runs smoothly.

In addition to my daily responsibilities, I have been juggling multiple projects for staff members such as, conducting grant research, drafting press briefs, attending events with the outreach team and Senator, and following up on constituents and their cases to ensure the office is doing all we can to help them.

Through this experience, I have improved my oral and written communication, customer service, and time management skills. I’ve also witnessed first-hand how a government office functions, gained a better understanding of the federal branch, and my desire to continue a career in public service has only grown.

School of Public Affairs Leadership Program Student Co-Director

As a result of my successful year as a Teaching Assistant for the program, I applied and was selected to be one of the two Student Co-Directors for the 2018-2019 school year.

In this role thus far, I represent the 200+ members of the Leadership Program by communicating internally and externally with the students, faculty, administration, and alumni. Some other duties include: crafting and managing the budget, establishing programmatic goals, problem-solving long-term, and short-term conflicts, planning community-wide events and retreats.

We also oversee a committee of 27 students that coordinate fundraising, diversity and inclusion, alumni engagement, communications, and interclass and community programming.  I personally supervised the communications and programming coordinators, and the first-year teaching assistants.

American University Career Center Peer Advisor

Last year, I was a Peer Advisor for the AU Career Center. In this role, I advised students daily on their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and networking skills. I also facilitated classroom presentations promoting our resources to a total of 500 students and professors.

In addition to advising students on career development, I developed a Headshot and LinkedIn Event in response to student feedback and personal research. I was responsible for budget creation and execution, event proposal, and establishing a social media/marketing plan, which included managing the social media pages and creating graphics.

Following the success of last semester’s headshot event, my supervisor requested I return to the Career Center to repeat and expand the event to fit the entire campus student body.

“AU Act Now!” Social Action Project

With a group of seven fellow students and one teaching assistant, we developed the social action project, “AU Act Now!” through the SPA Leadership Program. We hosted two speakers, Jessica Murphy from “Running Start”, an organization dedicated to women running for office, and professor and lawyer Claire Griggs who executed a “Know Your Rights” workshop covering the 4th and 5th Amendments.

Along with the event, we created a website focused on providing students with the resources to register to vote, contact your government officials, have respectful political conversations, and more.

“People of Color in Health Care and the ACA: What’s Next?” Panel

For my second-year social action project, I researched the disparities People of Color face in the healthcare system and how the ACA closed the insurance coverage gap.

In my first semester, I interviewed over 15 health policy experts, community health center employees, and professors to learn about the different problems that face these communities and what can be done in policy and local communities in the future.

In response to my research and interviews, I planned and executed a panel with Capri Cafaro, Jennifer Sullivan, Jessica Young, and Jody Gan. It was a successful event with 37 attendees and a ton of business cards dispersed and questions answered.

Below are a few statistics from the exit surveys:

  • 96.4% of the attendees rated the event as “excellent” or “very good”
  • On a scale of 1-10, when being asked how likely they were to increase awareness about this issue in their own lives, 82.2% chose 8 or higher.
  • 89.3% of attendees were interested in learning more about how to help with 18 people providing their contact information.

School of Public Affairs Leadership Program Teaching Assistant

Following my successful “AU Act Now!” social action project during my freshman year, I was eager to continue to give back to the SPA Leadership Program community. I was chosen as one of the eight teaching assistants. Together, we advise the 52 student SPA Leadership Class of 2021 through planning leadership retreats and other events. Individually, I am responsible for ensuring my group of six freshmen successfully create their own social action project.

Executive Producer ATV News

Every Sunday, American University’s student-run broadcast station. On Saturday, I produce, edit scrips, film, and, at times, direct, the main broadcast with two main anchors and approximately eight segment anchors.

I’m also responsible for editing the entire broadcast together through Adobe Premiere software before it goes live to our entire student body and on our website.

Check out a few broadcasts I’ve worked on here.

ATV News Website