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Stephanie Dromerick
My Portfolio
Kristina Crona
Assistant Professor
International Economic Relations International Economics
SIS Term Faculty
Just another edspace.american.edu site
Class Site: Olson Scholars
School of International Service
Samantha Cotter
My Portfolio
Shannon Shikles
Environmental Filmmaker and Video/Motion Graphics Editor
Steffanie Korcz
Making films. Making changes.
Sunshineg Yang
Just another edspace.american.edu site
Justin M. Jacobs
Associate Professor of History, American University
Luis Tano, Olson Scholar
SIS Olson Scholars
Bobby Zitzmann, Olson Scholar
SIS Olson Scholars
Rachel Ferrari
My Portfolio
Maegan Hanlon
just a book hoarder from new hampshire
American University Sailing Team
Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)
Building Culturally Sustaining Classrooms
Maria De Jesus
Just another edspace.american.edu site
Hunter Hoskins
Cory M
"Work hard in silence, and let success make the noise."
Cara Chao
Aspiring Physician | Co-Founder of Flexadyne
American University Dance Program
Katzen Arts Center
Sonya A. Grier, Ph.D., M.B.A
Allison Higgins
Christopher Orjuela
My Portfolio
Alexa Glozheni
My Portfolio
Business@American Faculty Resource Center
Peter To
Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, and Business
Professor Lynn A. Addington
A DC Criminologist Seeking to Connect Research with the Greater Community

Cordelia Bell
My Portfolio
The Chagos Archive
An Archive for the Exiled People of the Chagos Archipelago
Journalism Innovation Through Game Design
Journalism Innovation Through Game Design
Arsiv Chagos
Enn Arsiv Pu Lepep Ekzile de Arsipel Chagos
L'archive de Chagos
Une archive pour le peuple exilé de l'archipel de Chagos
Mental Health + Games Toolkit
Thomas J. Lebert
School of Public Affairs Leadership Program Portfolio
Marwah Adhoob
My Portfolio
SPAN450: Spanish Civilization | Prof. Serra (Fall 2017)
Un blog sobre historia, arte, cultura y noticias de España y sus diversas comunidades
Erica Ramirez
American University SIS/SPA Class of 2019
Stories of Redemption
One families experience with the U.S. Criminal Justice System
Sarah Bausmith
Student seeking a bachelor's degree at American University in Washington, D.C.
heather s. hardee
SPA Leadership Portfolio
Mike LaBine
Home of Audio Engineer Michael LaBine
Jonathan Santoro
Coffee Elites
Because you want to drink like us
wannabe intellectual/activist/artist
Dominic Gatti
Online Portfolio
Christian Duffoo
Mix Engineer, Recording Engineer, Composer
Jackson Rubinstein
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