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75th Anniversary Celebration

Source #3: Roberts, Roxanne. “A Hotel of a Certain Age; the Mayflower Celebrates its 75th with Faded Glory.” The Washington Post, Mar 24, 2000, pp. C.1, ProQuest Central,

In her disposition of the Mayflower Hotel, and the impact of hotels in general, Roxanne Roberts gives insight to the end of “grand hotels” within the District of Columbia. Being a journalist for the Washington Post, Roberts gives insight to this change within D.C.’s hotel industry. She starts by sharing her experience at the hotels 75th birthday celebration where she recounts, “She’s still beautiful – great lines and that expensive face lift 20 years ago – but her glory days are over.” Roberts is referring to the fact that grandeurs hotels are no longer seen as exclusive; even the great Mayflower Hotel. In its past the Mayflower Hotel, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has a “fabulous past, plenty of great memories and one helluva of scrapbook.” Even with this attitude, many visitors shared the same reality, that the age of grand hotels was long in the past; exclusivity was now finite, nonexistent compared to the past. Roberts goes on to speak about the hotel’s exclusive guests; some being Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, etc. The argument within her disposition shares how hotels do not hold the same exclusivity as they once did. Roberts even interviews Washingtonians, one being Democratic consultant Frank Mankiewicz who stated, “In every city downtown hotels have been bypassed by modern life: The Waldorf-Astoria in New York, the Ambassador in Los Angeles, the St. Francis in San Francisco. They were the big, plush, serious hotels in the days before the automobile took over.” Additionally, Roberts shares how many people can stay at these “exclusive” hotels, which truly aren’t that exclusive anymore. Hotel rates have changes and vast amounts of backgrounds now reside at the Mayflower Hotel; once a grandeurs hotel.

The provided source will be quite interesting to use as a counter argument to my paper; so the overall flow of my topic does not seem too bias. I want to be able to provide contextual evidence from both sides of the argument to give a more well-rounded disposition of the Mayflower Hotel and its overall analysis. Most of the information I have found thus far on my location has only been spoken positively, so this source adds some contradiction to my overall argument towards the way hotel’s try to perceive themselves.

Source #4: “The Mayflower Hotel Launches Bipartisan Election-Themed Campaign in the Nation’s Capital.” PR Newswire, Feb 03, 2016, ProQuest Central,

PR Newswire gives an inside look as to how the iconic Mayflower Hotel is the capital city’s most politically charged address; after the White House. The hotel has been host inaugural balls, presidents, and heads of state from Coolidge, Obama, Churchill, Queen Elizabeth. The newly renovated hotel has been a hub for political thought; mainly due to the hotel’s location. The newsfeed shares how the Mayflower Hotel is only down the block from the White House, so many Congressmen and heads of state will stay within the hotel. In an interview with John Montano, general manager of The Mayflower Hotel, now a member of the exclusive Autograph Collection stated, “The Mayflower has been the backdrop for Washington’s power brokers for more than nine years.” Additionally, the Mayflower Hotel seems to annually contribute in its own political “Election Year campaign”. The newsfeed continues to explain the hotel’s political activity, stating how guests can vote with their key cards, opting red or blue depending on their party choice. Also, the results of the straw poll were tabulated at key points during the campaign and shared using the hashtag #TheMayflowerVote through the hotel’s social platforms. The overall contextual evidence of this news feed shows how politically active the hotel truly is, mainly due to its location. Because the hotel is within range of both the White House and the Capitol, there is much political influence flowing throughout this historic hotel.
This source is quite interesting as it gives more detail towards the overall location of the Mayflower Hotel. The location and were this hotel is positioned allows for it to be so politically aware. It’s high political activity is from its proximity to the White House and the Capitol Building. I feel that this source will provide outside knowledge as to the overall atmosphere of the Mayflower Hotel and help start the discussion of its highly political background.