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Is Social Media the New Source of Rhetoric?

Within the world of social media, the audience pulls the strings. However, does this mean that we the audience are the form of persuasion? Are we the root of online/social rhetoric. The answer is a simple yes, we are the source of all our rhetoric on social media. However with such rhetoric, there is a tendency that the audience may not use such rhetoric correctly, therefore not entirely reach the audience. This is a massive topic with hundreds of documented techniques, concepts, and descriptors. Yet even the basics of Aristotelian rhetoric can help marketers assess and deconstruct their successes and failures in social media communication. The idea of rhetoric within social media deems true as you can see prime examples of celebrities “promoting” products or endorsing brands; to persuade the audience a certain way. However, this can be an issue because not all people can use this rhetoric properly and end up losing their audience. The ongoing influx of rhetoric within our social media is quite interesting to study and figure out.

Wes Anderson’s Persuasion

When watching the Grand Budapest I realized many of the cinematic approaches within the film regarding rhetoric. Whilst learning how rhetoric seems to be a sense of persuasion to the audience, it is prevalent how the film industry will use pathos to persuade the audience/viewer a certain way throughout the film. This can directly paired to the rhetoric that we see in literature, as we use these techniques to persuade the audience a certain way, emotionally and mentally.

Glory and Gore – Commonplace 6

Glory and Gore by Lorde

“Glory and gore go hand in hand, that’s why we’re making headlines.”

This particular sentence interested me and got me thinking. The overall structure of the sentence has a rhythmic structure to it, and additionally this sentence alludes to today’s society. We live in a world surrounded by violence and overly destructive relationships. This lyric shines light on that, and that’s “why we are making headlines”. This is something that can be seen daily as many newspapers and magazines show only the worst in society. Once again, “glory and gore go hand in hand.”