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Introduction to Website

Within my commonplace, the discussion of the Mayflower Hotel is one of great interest. The dissection of the cultural, political, social, and economic status has thoroughly been discussed to show the audience the key interests at hand. The use of multimodal instances combine word and image to bring about a new definition of the Mayflower Hotel. Additionally, a rhetorical analysis of these choices are shown to discuss the main concepts of the commonplace. This website discusses the location of the Mayflower Hotel and the impact it has on the District of Columbia, and vice versa. The hotel itself has been very influential in D.C. and this can be shown through the various articles and discussions within the webpage.

Mapping Commonplaces: Word Map

When contextualizing information for the Mayflower Hotel, I wanted to portray my information in a way that shared both written text and image, to provide an overall sensory impact. The words provided above are formed in a map to pan out the District of Columbia itself. The Mayflower Hotel is placed at the center; with the boldest and largest font; to showcase how it has become a focal point within the D.C. atmosphere. Placed only blocks down from the White House, one can see the proximity of the two buildings on the map. The bolder word choices signify key elements as to why the Mayflower is such a prominent commonplace. Words such as “Hotel”, “Washington”, and “North” show key elements to the hotels’ location and proximity.

The Mayflower Hotel MultiModal: Timeline

Above is a timeline of key cultural and political that have occurred at the Mayflower Hotel. This is an example of how these historic events shaped the hotel.