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Place Matters: RA4

RA4: Place Matters
Within “Toward a New Sociospatial Dialectic” in his City of Rhetoric, David Fleming proposes a new ideal of thought towards “place and community”. Fleming continues to ponder this thought by reevaluating the main case study that lies at “the heart of this book”, referring to the strong evidence for a close relationship between physical location and individual and social welfare in our society and “thus good reason to think that place and rhetorical well-being are linked as well.” This all alludes to the fact that place matters, and this hold true rhetoric referring to one’s education, values, and employment, but this claim seems to no longer be true within our own societal norms. Within modern times, we learn that our own environment is a secondary factor within our lives, some even consider it, “a complete irrelevance.”(Fleming). This whole idea seems to stem even from Enlightenment thought, that the man puts himself first. Fleming furthers by sharing that, “we have tended to mythologize that creature by putting him in narratives of autonomy and self- mastery.” This whole concept is quite interesting as we ourselves tend to put ourselves first and forget about the overall environment that we choose to live within.(Fleming).
From this we tend to treat our ties to the physical world as superficial, the “real human self is immaterial, just as the most important human groups are ageographical, constituted less by shared space than by shared beliefs, knowledge, value, habits, and occupation.” Fleming believes that this is what has to do with this modern flight from place; and it seems to have intensified with each passing year. Fleming also seems to pinpoint the idea that we live in such a technological society which has reduced the role of human action and interaction. Fleming seems to overall argue then society tries to make it seem like place does not matter, but it truly does matter. Place is determined by where we are from, where we live, work, educate, and so on; so this helps bring light to the idea that place does matter. (Fleming).

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