About Me

Brenna Olson is a second year at American University, originally from Tacoma, Washington. She is studying a major that is unique to AU, a blend of Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government.

She is a student in the Politics, Policy and Law Program, which is a 3 year track, meaning she will graduate in May of 2022. More information about the PPL Program can be found here.

Brenna is also in the School of Public Affair’s Leadership Program, which is a certificate program for Advanced Leadership Theory. In her freshman year, she completed a research project focusing on Immigration and Refugee Rights. Her team put together a scholarship fund for an immigrant or first generation American student in the DC area. More information about the SPA Leadership Program can be found here.

Brenna plans to utilize her research and knowledge in the realms of policy and law, by being an advocate for causes like underrepresented students, and immigration reform. She hopes to give back to the organizations and people that helped her get to where she is today, by using the opportunities and resources at American University.

Brenna enjoys making coffee, and experiencing the beautiful scenery of both the Puget Sound, and the history of DC.