Photo from: Eagle Online

After the tension that already existed on American University’s Campus from the election, the entire campus was able to unite when news came that the WestBoro Baptist Church was coming to campus. Right after the election, the campus had never felt so divided and filled with so much anger and hate. However, the one thing that amazed me was everyone’s ability to come together and support a cause we all knew was extremely important to our peers. For me, I had never even heard of the WestBoro Baptist Church. After doing some research, I was beyond appalled that an organization that promoted such hatred of so many individuals and who’s website page was “GodHatesFags.com” even existed let alone was coming to my school. I was always aware that hatred towards Jews, Gays, and Transgenders still existed, however I never thought I would be presented with it in such a manner. I felt such a sense of pride to go to a school like American, where at least 150 students were all gathered with signs, peacefully protesting back against such a hateful and disturbing group of people. As terrible as the WestBoro Baptist Church is, it was truly inspiring to see us all unite and go against these hateful human beings, to show them that they can support whatever they want to support, however it is not going to pass by easily.