Hi and welcome to my web page! This wordpress site explains the transformation of the Wonder Bread Factory from the 1930’s to today. Along with showing this transformation, I try to communicate one overall argument through the Final Analysis. The different tabs each present a different argument and the final analysis targets all three of the separate arguments by creating an overarching discussion connecting the three. The first tab, the Exterior, discusses the feelings, emotions, and surroundings of the Wonder Bread sight and Shaw neighborhood. The second tab, the Interior, shows the progression of the Wonder Bread Factory and how much unknown information comes about through research that many people would have never realized existed. The third tab, the Digital Site, takes a different approach at providing research through the developers who renovated the site itself. Lastly, all three of these are connected through a final analysis that aims to discuss the tendencies humans have to ignore areas around us, and how this affects our knowledge. Overall, the site provides not only knowledge on an architectural sight, but enables the audience to reflect on their individual tendencies and limit this sense of ignorance from perpetuating.