As I conduct my research on the Wonder Bread Factory’s present placement and past history, it is almost impossible to understand the renovations that took place without understanding crucial details behind who was involved in the renovations. The Douglas Development Corporation purchased the Wonder Bread Factory in 1997 after it had been abandoned for 17 years and was the center “hub” for crack dealers. If the Wonder Bread Factory is searched on google, the second link that appears is a link to the Douglas Development Corporation website. This gives the researcher immediate background on who is occupying the area now, who renovated the area, and their motives behind it.


Company Logo

The first thing I noticed when coming across this site was the name. Not only is it a development company named “Douglas Development,” but it is a corporation. This brings about many questions, why are they a corporation? Why do they feel that is important to mention in the head title of the website? Due to the straightforwardness and simplicity of the website, I was quickly able to find the answers to many of those questions. First, why are they a corporation? Well, by definition a corporation is a “a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law,”(Merriam-Webster) and a company generally incorporates to become larger in their scale. When a corporation is created, it often gains instant credibility due to its large size, as well as the ability to gain many investors and shareholders. It can tell a lot about the owners and the company itself if they are a corporation because it is a difficult process to complete due to the strict laws and takes a lot of investment of time, effort, and money. Unless the company is planning on expanding to be very large, it is often easier to avoid incorporating. However, my questions about the company’s credibility and size were proven correct just from a simple glance through their website.  According to their site, the Douglas Development Company is “one of the most dominant and successful real estate development in the Washington, DC area” (IStrategyLabs), proving why incorporating was the right choice for a company of such size and dominance in their market. For someone who is searching to hire this company as their developers, credibility can be extremely crucial in their decision to invest in their projects.


Proper usage of white space on a website

Along with the emphasis the company places on being a corporation, I also noticed their usage of white space throughout the website. Often, improper usage of space on a digital site can make the viewer feel overwhelmed and confused by the site, leading them to exit out of the page. White space has such a crucial effect on consumer experience that it actually creates “harmony, balance. . . and can also be used to lead a reader from one element to another,” (Lana) creating a better interaction between the website and the viewer. This concept of negative or white space has created a conversation, in a sense, between the designer of the page and anyone on the page by allowing them to be aware that they made a conscientious decision to create this modern, open space on their website.

Along with this conscious decision to create white space, the entire website as a whole can be seen as an attempt to create a conversation and connection with the viewers. Due to the fact that the company itself works as a seller to customers for offices and retail locations, customer relationship is crucial to the company’s success. Throughout the digital site it is evident that the company is fully aware of the effects a poorly constructed website can have on not only the customer’s experience but the company’s success in the long run.


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