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How Ignorance Affects Our View on the Area Around Us

  The Wonder Bread Factory The once historical Wonder Bread Factory presents itself to many people today as nothing more than an office building. However, this innate tendency to overlook the objects, places, and environments around us can lead to an… Continue Reading →

Don’t allow GPA to Determine your Success

  How to Get a Job at Google In the article from the NY Times, “How to Get a Job at Google,” Laszlo Bock argues that landing a job at a high achieving company such as google is not solely… Continue Reading →

Douglas Development Corporation Website

As I conduct my research on the Wonder Bread Factory’s present placement and past history, it is almost impossible to understand the renovations that took place without understanding crucial details behind who was involved in the renovations. The Douglas Development… Continue Reading →

Making Bathrooms More Accomodating

In Suzanne Tick’s essay His and Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society, she argues the reluctance of our society to conform to gender neutral amenities and displays how the bathrooms can be the primary location for discrimination. As the transgender… Continue Reading →

Explore the Unknown Bakery

  As I cross the intersection of 7th Street and S Street NW in the Washington, DC Shaw neighborhood, it is easy get distracted by all of the commotion going on around me. With people constantly passing by, walking in… Continue Reading →

Are Traditional Learning Environments Running Out of Style?

In their essay, “Recognizing Campus Landscapes as Learning Spaces,” Kathleen G. Scholl and Gowri Betrabet Gulwad argue that escaping the artificial lighting of an enclosed building and uniting with the outdoor environment can restore a student’s cognitive attention; consequently creating… Continue Reading →

The Wonder Bread Factory: An Ever Changing Environment

  The site I am analyzing is the Wonder Bread Factory located at 641 S Street NW, Washington, DC, 20001. The oldest section of the building was constructed in 1913 (iStrategyLabs), and the other two sections were added to the… Continue Reading →

Distance VS. Inter-connectivity

  City of Rhetoric Chapter 1, Part Two Analysis In Chapter one, part two of City of Rhetoric, David Fleming’s main argument is that while architecturally and physically we are inherently polarized, society must begin to emphasize unity of being… Continue Reading →

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